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Dropbox Files for I.P.O., and Other ‘Unicorns’ Are Watching

Photo Drew Houston, chief executive of Dropbox, which was most recently valued at about $10 billion by private-market investors. Credit David Paul Morris/Bloomberg Dropbox, an online file storage company that has ranked among Silicon Valley’s highest-valued privately held start-ups, filed paperwork to sell its shares to the public, heralding a …

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Dai and Jack’s Week in Tech: Don’t Trust the Internet

Dai: Did you see any coasters for the HomePods or people walking into glass? Jack: The meeting was off the record. Don’t Believe What You See on the Internet Jack: Well, another week, and another example of the big tech platforms promoting misleading or downright false information. On Wednesday morning, …

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Leaping Over the Language Barrier

Q. I know there are sites that convert words and phrases from other languages to English, but how do you translate an entire web page? A. You can find language-translation options from certain browsers, search engines or websites. For example, Google’s Chrome browser for computers, Android and iOS have translation …

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Limiting the Influence of Tech When You Report on It

It made an impression on me that even the mere idea of being surveilled can chill people’s behavior. Now I view privacy not so much as the ability to keep your personal details away from prying government agencies or companies. Privacy is the right to choose which entities access information …

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