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Cyberattack Caused Olympic Opening Ceremony Disruption

“This attacker had no intention of leaving the machine usable,” a team of researchers at Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence division wrote in an analysis Monday. “The purpose of this malware is to perform destruction of the host” and “leave the computer system offline.” In an interview, Talos researchers noted that …

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America’s Real Digital Divide – The New York Times

Unfortunately, too often the message we send low-income and less-educated parents is that screen time is going to help their children. Fifteen years ago, when I was a Big Sister to a girl who attended one of Brooklyn’s worst middle schools, her mother was given strict instructions by teachers to …

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Google Makes Its Special A.I. Chips Available to Others

As a way of cutting costs and improving the efficiency of the multibillion-dollar data centers that underpin its online empire, Google designs much of the hardware inside these massive facilities, from the computer servers to the networking gear that ties these machines together. Other internet giants do much the same. …

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Measuring and Managing Your Cellular Data Use

Q. Some of us in the boonies must rely entirely on cellular Wi-Fi hot spots. As a result, data usage is a very important consideration, as each gigabyte must be paid for. Fortunately, we have 4G speed, but how much data do services like Instagram or Spotify use? How can …

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