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After Settling With Uber, Waymo Faces Bigger Challenges

The concept for the databases used by most of the world’s big corporations came out of IBM. But another company, Oracle, turned that software into a big business. Researchers at the Silicon Valley lab of Xerox famously pioneered the technology that went into many of Apple’s computers. Photo Chris Urmson, …

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Is Your Dog Ready to Be an Instagram Star?

What conclusions may be drawn? For one thing, Instagram puts a premium on superficial dog traits like cuteness over ones like intelligence or obedience. “Instagram and social media is impacting everything, and influencing all kinds of lifestyle and consumer decisions, so it makes sense that it would influence what kind …

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The 5 Most Popular Dogs on Instagram

1. Pug A playful breed with an oddly expressive, almost human face, this breed spurs baby fever in the most callous of hearts. CreditFred R. Conrad/The New York Times 2. Bulldog Tough, pugnacious and hilarious looking, the bulldog might as well have been bred to serve as a mascot. CreditFred …

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His 2020 Campaign Message: The Robots Are Coming

Alarmist? Sure. But Mr. Yang’s doomsday prophecy echoes the concerns of a growing number of labor economists and tech experts who are worried about the coming economic consequences of automation. A 2017 report by McKinsey & Company, the consulting firm, concluded that by 2030 — three presidential terms from now …

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NBC Executive Takes Over Amazon Studios

“I’m incredibly excited about the future at Amazon Studios,” Ms. Salke said in a statement. “In the studio’s relatively short existence they have innovated, disrupted and created characters that are already an indelible part of pop culture. I am both honored and emboldened by the opportunity to lead this extraordinary …

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Facial Recognition Is Accurate, if You’re a White Guy

The new study also raises broader questions of fairness and accountability in artificial intelligence at a time when investment in and adoption of the technology is racing ahead. Today, facial recognition software is being deployed by companies in various ways, including to help target product pitches based on social media …

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With Waymo Settlement, Uber C.E.O. Makes His Mark

Mr. Khosrowshahi’s modus operandi is to clear the way for the big tasks ahead for Uber, said the people who were briefed on the matter. One of those tasks is taking the ride-hailing company public next year, in what is likely to be a blockbuster initial public offering. As a …

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When Windows Is 100 Percent Stalled

Photo When the Task Manager shows that 100 percent of the disk is in use right after the computer starts up, the PC may have issues with drivers and other software. Credit The New York Times Q. There appears to be a problem with Windows 10. At start-up, the drive …

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