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Amazon to Test a New Delivery Service for Sellers

Photo An Amazon fulfillment center in Baltimore. Under a new service, Amazon couriers — rather than companies like United Parcel Service and FedEx — would pick up merchandise from businesses and deliver it to Amazon warehouses. Credit Patrick Semansky/Associated Press SEATTLE — Amazon is planning to test a program this …

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Girls Who Code at Fashion Week

Ms. Zhang, a Parsons graduate from Qingdao, China, who won the Kering Empowering Imagination award in 2014 and worked at Christopher Kane and Nike, did not know how to code when she began working with Ms. Lin, her onetime roommate. “I understand more of the language now,” she said. “I …

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Clap On Your Bose, Baby, ’Cause It’s Noisy as Heck Out There

“Everything is loud for games,” said Jean-Luc Cohen-Sinclair, an assistant professor of electronic production and design at the Berklee College of Music and New York University who has worked on games’ sound designs. “They’re designed to have ‘transient-rich’ sounds that have a ‘snappy attack’ — a quick, percussive buildup of …

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John Perry Barlow, 70, Dies; Championed an Unfettered Internet

Lawyers recruited or supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation were instrumental in winning court rulings that granted electronic mail the same privacy protection as telephone calls, and that defined written software code as free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. The foundation was formed by Mr. Barlow; Mitchell Kapor, the …

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What Bitcoin Reveals About Financial Markets

As for the derivative assets that gave us the global financial crisis, they were viewed favorably in light of a widely held theory, known as the “great moderation,” that suggested that major economic crises were a thing of the past, thanks to certain systemic changes in the way developed nations …

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